One of my Favorite songs is by Peter Townsend and Ronnie Lane from an album titled “Rough Mix”. It’s called “Street in the City” and it reminds me of the frenetic activity that occurs in the Bird House behind the scenes every day trying to get all of the birds on their street and in their “City” taken care of. It also reminds me of when I am out in the Public areas watching the people looking at all the exhibits. Who are they? What are they looking at? They look at what Steve, Kim, Ricky, Cody, Dan, Fritz and Matt create for them. Kim Klosterman, Ricky and the rest make it happen as well as Steve Malowski. The Bird House is their “Street in the City”.

Kim taught me how to clean and pay attention to detail. Kim puts up with my idiotic questions and is incredibly gracious. She is kind, funny, devoted to her work, and a horrendously hard worker who can throw 50 pound bags of food around like they were toys. She can also arrange plates of herring, mice, and meal worms as though they were being served at a four-star restaurant. Simply gorgeous plates… Kim has taught me so much and I still have 2 weeks to go!

This is Ricky Kinley (the taller one in this photo…) and our friend Henry, the Major Mitchell’s or Ledbetter Cockatoo. Henry joins all of us for lunch. So does Ricky. Henry the Cockatoo doesn’t like Women.  I have been led to believe that Ricky does like women. Henry then stepped up to me. I don’t know why since I am indeed female.

Ricky steps up every day to get the job done. Ricky makes me laugh my butt off and this helps me remain sane. It also makes my muscles hurt because I am laughing so hard it hurts! He has the messiest locker I have ever seen and I love the fact that he really doesn’t give a damn. His child is important.  His birds and his job is important. His businesses are important. His locker? Not a big deal. Now that’s perspective.

This is Bonny with Cookie. Bonny has been volunteering at the Bird House here at the Cincinnati Zoo on Tuesday for 20 years. She’s rarely missed a day. She has a passion and a devotion for service and for the birds. Yet she has perspective and a wisdom about the process I hope to possess one day. It was an honor to talk to her. She is delightful.

More introductions to come…thanks for stopping by.