The Kitchen-Food Prep Area at the Bird House



Keepers stand at the countertop cutting board and prepare plate after plate of food. I’ve developed quite a flair for making the “Bat Buckets” : Buckets of fruit, vegetables and canned Primate diet.




      I’ve spent a lot of time standing at that sink washing out food plates and trays. This is where the Keepers spend an enormous amount of their  time.





If you want to work at a Zoo because you love to be around animals, pick another field. You go days with only a glimpse of them because you are too busy prepping food for them or cleaning up after them. You are in service to them and that doesn’t include spending a lot of time goofing around with them. It’s a tight schedule and with around 200 separate plates, trays and buckets of food to prepare, a small staff, and yet more time being spent cleaning, you tend to work at an almost panicked, breakneck speed.

This Chalkboard Shows a breakdown by area of what has to be pulled from the inventory of stock to prepare the food for “Fish Day”. But it doesn’t go into detail of what plates to make.




Kim working on papayas for the fruit mix.

Lots of different birds get the all purpose fruit mix. Lorikeets, parrots, pretty much everyone but the penguins who receive fish, fish and more fish. Every day alternates between preparing either fruit or fish. If you can’t remember what day it is, fruit or fish, simply smell the shirt you were wearing the day before; if it smells like fish, then today you make fruit. Here’s what it looks like:

That’s only about half made. Kim hadn’t gotten all of the apples in yet.







I’m at the zoo right now, and I will continue to update my posts. I was finally able to get online late last night so I have quite a bit backlogged that  have to post. Back soon!