7:45 a.m.


I cannot even describe to you how tired I am. I am currently sitting on the jump seat of a 757 on my way to Chicago. The cushion on the jump seat feels as though I am perched on an ironing board and I’ve had 2.5 hours of sleep since 4 a.m. Monday morning. Leeann stayed at my house so she could drive me to the airport. Well, at least there was no traffic at 4:30 in the morning. Miami Airport was a madhouse as usual. I was in uniform so it wasn’t too much of a hassle getting may bags checked and through security. But here I am on the jump seat and my rear end is going to sleep before the rest of me.  I have a few hours in Chicago before my Flight to Cincinnati, so I’m going to grab something to eat and find a place to crash. I have 3 alarm clocks with me, so that ought to wake me up. I just really need a nap something fierce.


Chicago Terminal

I had a half of a hideous sandwich and tried to nap. No luck. It’s cold as hell in here and I have my Grandfather’s “milking jacket” on. He was a dairy farmer and wore it to milk the cows by hand in the barn.  It’s 100% wool, and toasty.  Well, at least my laptop battery is warm. I still have an hour to hang around. I might try to find a decent hot dog.


Good hot dog. I feel better. I got on the dinky little aircraft for Cincinnati, and the Flight Attendant gave me a bottle of water. Now we’re just waiting to load and we’re off. Maybe now I can get some sleep.