Life happens. It is constantly changing and shifting. And if that weren’t enough, for the most part we all have companion birds and other carbon-based life forms to look after. We all end up with bumps in the road. And the reason I did another disappearing act from this blog was because I had to get some stuff in my life straightened out. I felt dreadful for a few months and my Doctor couldn’t figure it out. Until he figured it out.

Suffice it to say, the last two years of my life was an incredible grind of a LOT of work and I can safely say, it ground me down to the point where I needed to unplug a few things so I could get back on track.

Time Magazine did an article a while back about the work schedules of Wall Street and found that working 120 hours a week isn’t healthy. Really? Yes, Wall Street figured out that people in their mid-30’s really shouldn’t be dying of heart attacks and other maladies normally attributed to the older generation.

Can you work yourself to death? I don’t know, but my physical self put a screeching halt to it long before I found out. Because of this I had to put myself in a timeout and get my health together before I took a dirt nap.

So I went to my Doctor after some really hideous spells of feeling like I’d been run over by a truck every day and figured a few things out. I’m also on some really stellar vitamins including the elusive Vitamin K-2 and I took some time off of writing anything.

It took about four months to pull it together, but I’m back to feeling “normal-ish” and I can get more done than just taking care of my birds and hoping to God that I would simply come down with the flu and get it over with instead of feeling like I was coming down with it every day and never even spiking a fever.

Feeling the strain of slowing down isn’t fun. It isn’t easy. And it isn’t for young people. They probably won’t like it any better than I do when their turn comes. It takes experience to handle aging.

I now know what “too much” is. And I know when to say, “When.”

And now back to my normally scheduled programming of taking care of my Greys and living life instead of working a 16 hours day and feeling as though I’d never have enough time to finish everything I needed to get done.