During my time away from the blog, I learned a lot about uploading, working within a production machine of over 1200 writers, about web writing and a host of other details.

I also learned what pleases those running the show at the “Big Box” internet sites:

Hits. Page Views. More hits. More page views. Oh, and advertising sales.

There was something else….

Wait…no. There really wasn’t anything else.

I came back here to try and make a difference at a much smaller office. While this blog is small, I thought it was high time to spruce things up.The old look I had here rather resembled one of those houses that hadn’t been updated since 1963 and still had a kitchen with pink appliances. The “Theme” I had, had been updated somewhere along the line but it was so antiquated, it wasn’t really being supported that much. I guess it was like having a 2003 laptop. It’ll run, but not very well and you can’t even run any new operating systems on it.

I’m fairly adept at some things “Computer” but I didn’t know what I wanted Parrot Nation to look like. The more I shopped for a new look, or “Theme” as WordPress calls it, the more confused I became. I know what I’m good at and I know when I need to call in the cavalry. I let my fingers do the walking and got fellow blogger B.D. on the phone from the blog, “Parrot Earth.”

B.D. took a look around while we were talking and it was like going shopping for a new outfit with Tim Gunn. B.D. made it easy. Within five minutes he located a Theme, which is what makes the page look the way it looks and operates the way it does. He walked me through a few personal touches and wham! Within five minutes Parrot Nation had a brand new, very updated look. Like a good quality outfit, this new look suits me, the deign is updated and it has a nice edgy feel. It just seems to fit.

Thanks, B.D! You have a new future as a “Blog Fashion Consultant.”

This theme, called “Baskerville” appeals to me. It is far more vertical in design as opposed to a simple “Newest To Oldest” linear design. If you click on the magnifying glass at the top right on the blog, a large search box appears and you can look for anything you want.

There is one small problem. I have a ton of content here. A TON! The issue is that  the font that I used on the old theme didn’t translate too well and so the text size is HUGE! There is no way to edit all of the posts in one fell swoop. So I have to go though all 560 plus posts and change the type size. This is going to take a bit of time so bear with me. So if you see an article you were looking for and it looks really strange with massive font, I’m sorry. I just haven’t gotten to that one yet. But I will. I will.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the blog’s fresh appearance and new layout. Take a look around and see how it works. And thanks for flying by.