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The things I ponder. Sometimes I discuss them with Parker…

I was straightening out the cabinet that contains, among other items, my Tupperware. Now this sounds like a mundane job one does now and then, but when you have them all straightened out and sporting their lids like brave soldiers ready to protect your leftover pasta sauce, it’s a proud moment.

Then you see what is left laying on the counter that didn’t quite match up. 

Yup, you know what I mean: Those lids with no containers, the container with no matching lid, and some strange lid off of a tub of salsa. No salsa tub of course…just the lid.  What happened to their mates? Where do they go? At some point every couple of years you have to simply head to the store and rebuild.


This gets into the “If pigs had wings, would they fly?” territory. 

I of course equate it to “The Missing Sock in the Dryer” mystery. I don’t know where in the hell they go either. I find it disturbing that these innocent pieces of plastic have been cast adrift somewhere. But where did they go? Are they with the missing socks?

There are other mysteries of life that have happened to me. This one happened the other day. I was getting ready for bed. I took off my T-shirt to put on my jammies and I realized I had parrot poop on my bra strap. How did that happen? I had no African Grey under my shirt. But somehow, there it was: a dried smear of green parrot poop. As you can gather it didn’t particularly bother me. I’ve managed to have it end up in worse places. But on my bra strap? Under my t-shirt? Oh, come on….


Sometimes just thinking gets a little hairy…

Every once in a while when I am writing or researching or just plain goofing off on my laptop, Parker manages to silently go into stealth mode and he ends up either on the bathroom sink vanity or on top of my shower stall. How he does this, I have no idea. I simply look up, Parker has “Gone Ninja” and I find him sitting in one of those two places looking smug.


Don’t ask me…I have no idea…

So when it comes to tupperware management, I don’t have any answers for you. It’s a mystery to me. All I know is that it’s time to start over with a new set.  Again.