You might understand I have a lot going on. I fly about 25 hours of overtime a month. Obviously, I have parrots, (Which feels like another full time job. And if you’re doing it right, it is.) and my dog Mattie which is the least of my problems. I write for BIRD TALK Magazine, I write other stuff and I maintain this blog.  With my flying, I get up at five a.m. day after day.I do the majority of my own housekeeping, and with birds, you know how that is. And I seem to have endless errands to run: Credit Union, Home Depot, grocery store, Doggy Store, Dollar Store etc. Or I’m making a video, or I’m taking photos, or downloading photos; or I’m writing, thinking about writing or getting ready to write.

Flying to a foreign country day-after-day has an odd effect: For one thing you’re tired as hell. And once you get home, you want to stay home. I mean cripes, I’ve already been to Haiti and back by two p.m. So my idea of a good time is not running around for life’s necessities after work.

I consider myself lucky if my disposer, my dishwasher, my ice maker and both toilets are in working order all in the same day. I just recently had a faucet spring a leak, one of my cable boxes doesn’t work and one under-the-kitchen-cabinet light strip was out which explains the Home Depot run today.

I also have to get my Greys to the Vet, return the cable box for a replacement, get my clothes in line for the Houston Parrot Festival, including getting my gear ready for their fun “Party in Parrot-dise.”

I need a new power cable for my printer, as it only works if I run the cord under the printer to hold it “just so.” I’m out of aspirin, I need to grow sprouts for my birds and I’m due to run another load of laundry. In a week or two, I’ll have to buckle down and iron twenty or so uniform shirts. I need to shoot a video of cage set-ups for African Greys.

I’m due to return two bird toy prototypes I designed to the “Golden Cockatoo, and I have to finish some feather scarves for the Houston Parrot Festival. My car needs a bath, a good raking out and I’m due for  hair cut as I’m beginning to look like Kate Gosselin with red hair…Not a good look for me:I need to wash my duvet which I hate doing because my duvet cover is such a pain in the keester to get back on the quilt. As soon as the cabinet dries out from the faucet leak in my bathroom which is now fixed, I need to clean it and put everything back. I owe somebody out there in “Cyberland” an essay, but I can’t remember who in God’s name it is and one of the Gate Agents at Fort Lauderdale wants my recipe for short ribs and I keep forgetting to get it to her. Which leads to my point; and I do have one: I need to rethink my way of doing things. On the other hand, I have a vacation coming up. Maybe I’ll just save all of my errands for when I have the time.