I’m happy to report that you can see birds just about anywhere at this Zoo. Even at some of the non-animal attractions:

The Zoo has a nice little carousel for the kids and this is one of the animal figures you can ride on. (f you look close, you’ll notice the Eagle has a fish in his talons.)

(Here is some nice music that is “carousel-flavored” but isn’t that loud organ  music that will blow out your ears:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0nmkMmULTPg&feature=user)

They had 3 birds on their carousel; the Eagle and these two:

I don’t know which one I like the best, but I think the Hummingbird is a striking sculpture. The coloring is metallic and the beak is formidable.

And of course those flippin’ “Zoo Pigeons” are everywhere:

Apparently this one outiside a door at the Education Department is early for a class…

This guy is hiding from the kids that were chasing him around when all he wanted was some pretzel crumbs:

On top of the Passenger Pigeon Memorial is a bird, but there seems to be some discussion as to what kind of bird it is:

Steve Malowski, the Team Leader here at the Bird House seems to think it’s a Quetzel. This building is the last remaining building from a series of buildings just like it called “Bird Row”.

They even share in our lunches:

Birds seem to be everywhere here at the zoo. In a later post, I’ll explain why I think this is right. They were after all, one of the main reason the Zoo is here in the first place. And I’m working on a piece about “Martha” the last remaining Passenger Pigeon, and Inca, the remaining Carolina Parakeet.

Stay tuned-More to come.