3:00 p.m. Sunday 9-14-08

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Hurricane Ike just made it to the Zoo this afternoon and the Radios were alive with chatter. People talking all at the same time, basic semi-emergency preparations were going on. There is no rain yet, but it is windy as hell and the bands are coming through with regularity. I like to sit out on the second floor back porch and work, which is my writing, but it was a little dicey back there as there are 2 old and very large trees that were creaking and swaying in the wind. I just got home from the Zoo and they were bringing in all of the Animals from their outdoor enclosures. Tree branches were falling into their yards which spooked the Giraffes, provided some nifty twirling batons for the Elephants and the Bonobos were looking for a means to get out of their enclosure via a broken branch and pay a little visit to the “Rhino Cafe'” one of the food outlets at the Zoo. I could hear them kicking up a ruckus over the radio. Such excitement! Ironically, the Manager On Duty was the Head of the Insectarium, which is really gorgeous and has won multiple awards, but there wasn’t a whole lot the Insect Crew had to do to button up their exhibit. So this really well-respected and brilliant “Insect Specialist” was manning the Radio and calling the shots on the Keepers who had hysterical Giraffes, and some fairly excited Lions, and Tigers and Bears. Oh my. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist. But with this windy weather, it was a natural…) They have Emergency procedures in place for pretty much any situation so this wasn’t a big deal from what I could gather. And all of the M.O.D. People know their way around a Zoo.

This was a bulletin to let you know what these extraordinary people had to handle today…

Update to my update: The power is out all over the place. No fast food, no slow food…nothing. The Intern House however, has Power! Thank God for favors!