Music for Homebodies:

I’m living right across the street from the Zoo. It’s real close. Right now I can hear the Gibbons howling and I’m sure people 2 miles away can hear the same thing.. Sometimes I hear the occasional bird in the evening pitching a fit about something.

My stay at the Intern House has been a departure from what I’ve been used to. Even in college I had a small studio apartment. And I’m constantly in Hotel rooms when I’m working. This is dorm life in a big old house. It has 2 stairways, an apartment on the third floor which is huge, and I haven’t even counted the bedrooms. There are 3 refrigerators in the kitchen, 4 bathrooms, some with multiple showers, sinks and toilets, and 2 sets of washers and dryers in the basement. I’m pretty sure up to 20 people could stay here at one time.

This is a shot of my bedroom window. Beyond my window is the Zoo Exit with a locked gate where I come and go. I’m so close I could throw a rock at the gate.

This is the kitchen. The photo below is one of the bathrooms with 2 sinks, 2 toilets and 3 shower stalls:

It’s a BIG house. I’ve been quite comfortable for me as I have my own room. There are only 3 other people living here right now. Alicia who lives on the third floor, Olivia, an Intern on the first floor and Eunice who is down the hall from me. Alicia and Eunice both work in the education department with the cats.

                                 Eunice working the crowd for the Cheetah Run.

Eunice and I went to dinner last night and had a wonderful meal. Eunice learned the virtues of Maytag Blue cheese, decent white wine and an incredible Chocolate Pate’ for desert. I love good food and like introducing people to a nice range of flavors they may have missed out on. Eunice is one of the nicest people and will go far in life. She has worked with Dolphins and is now working the cats at the Zoo.. She’ll do well because she’s smart and has a way with not only animals, but people. She has common sense and she’s quick on her feet. She’s also in incredible shape. Between the running, the job and the kick-boxing classes, I don’t see much of her. But she has amazing potential. I admire her greatly due to her animal experience and educational background. She has presence.

This is my home for a while. Thanks for taking the tour.