(Having a Laugh With “Buddy” the Magellenic Penguin. He’s a pretty witty guy.)

I’m now on 8 days in a row of working. My head doesn’t feel it, but my hands do. I seem to be developing a roaring case of “carpal-hosal syndrome”. My wrists and hands are aching from handling high pressure hoses everyday. But I do get a moment or two to steal a quick minute to make a few friends.









(Hosing down the Lorikeet Exhibit and saying good morning to a couple of the local chow-hounds.)


Today has not been a day mired in poop. (The day’s not over yet…) However, yesterday I got “gassed on” by a Sea Lion. I was being introduced to Duke, one of the favorite animals and quite a charismatic character. He was taking a break on the ledge not a foot from me and he passed gas in my general direction. You have to understand that Duke is a big guy:








Now I’m not saying he let one rip in my general direction on purpose, mind you. But Duke did have a rather smug look on his face when the gas began drifting toward me. I needn’t explain that he had just had an afternoon meal of a bucket of fresh fish. So, I needn’t explain what it smelled like.  But he did seem rather pleased with himself:

Well I did learn there is a right end of a sea lion and a wrong end. But when it comes to sea lion gas, there is no place nearby that is safe.

More later..