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The No Fly Zone

I  read an article sent to me by Sher Buckner from the Humane Society Website by writer Charles Bergman. Who is Charles Bergman? I had no idea so I Googled him. According to Charles Bergman, Charles Bergman is: ....a writer,... Continue Reading →

Scandal Sheet

Su Gould strikes again! Su is the immensely talented editor of Snowball the Dancing Cockatoo's cartoon series on Facebook. Su is the overworked Chief of Staff to Snowball. Seems that hiring Buddy Palmetto took some of the load off, but... Continue Reading →


I had to run to a big box Superstore to get some pellets. Don't like doing it much but the place isn't far and I was damned near out. I also picked up a few reasonably priced toys. I took... Continue Reading →


It seems everyone's a critic. The world of Aviculture should be this warm, welcoming helpful place, right? I mean, there are more than enough parrots that need homes to go around. We want these birds to have homes. We want... Continue Reading →

Speaking to the Future: Part 1

Speaking to the Future? Really? How do we do that?  Actually, I'm doing it now. And if you leave comments, you are too. Leaving a scratch on the world isn't as difficult as it you would think. At least it isn't... Continue Reading →

Bubble Wrap and Safety Helmets

Get Your Safety Helmets On!   Be careful!    Don't do that!    I wouldn't do that if I were you!  Stop it. These are birds. They want to have fun. "Helicopter Parenting" has been taking a major bash in... Continue Reading →

Giving Them Credit

I'm all for hanging out with my birds. They're part of my life and an important part. They are my first consideration when I'm going anywhere doing anything. And if you are a responsible family member with birds, you do... Continue Reading →

Looking Ahead to “Much More”

Janet's Portuguese Water Dogs Looking Ahead We're wrapping up what I referred to in an earlier post, "An Eventful Year." Yes it was. And not just for me, but for the Avian Community and the world. Not all of it... Continue Reading →

And Another Thing: More on “The Summit”

Steve Malowski with the Keas You know, the more I think about this "Summit" jazz, the better I like it. I'm not looking at it as a particularly fun event because I have a feeling that people might be a... Continue Reading →

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