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Le Tub: Part Deux

Ewww! Seriously? Photo courtesy of Janet Hilton I'm not done. I wasn't so much bothered by my last diatribe as I was puzzled.  And I realized that I'm not finished discussing this issue. People have been so supportive and I... Continue Reading →

The Bath Tub Controversy

Get your Clawfoot Tub here...  What is a bath tub? To make things simple let me just state that it is a container. It would contain its contents. In most homes, it is used to wash yourself. Most homes have... Continue Reading →

Juanita Weighs In

As you can imagine, Juanita has taken on a life of her own here at Parrot Nation. I like her. She’s a tad bitchy, but she does tend to stick to her knitting, and her convictions. She says things I... Continue Reading →

Rage Against the Machine

  I am floored. I just don’t understand how people don’t understand. I am not going to say, “I have no words.” because I do. As you might have noticed, Parrot Nation is Land of the Cuisinart-Home of the Chop.... Continue Reading →

Juanita Wants Them Dry!

Juanita has a thing or two to say about moisture in her Chop. She wants those vegatables dry, dammit, dry! Juanita insist that all vegetables be dry to the touch. Putting them out in the sun for a bit evaporates... Continue Reading →

Juanita Gets Tough About Quinoa

Juanita wants to make sure every batch of her Chop has plenty of quinoa in it. Don't mess with Juanita on this point...

Presenting “Juanita the Weasel’s Top Tips For Chop”

Long story but I'll try and make it shorter. There is a fabulous blogger who goes by the name: The Bloggess. Her name is Jenny Lawson and she is one twisted sister. She's an incredibly talented writer and funnier than... Continue Reading →

Looking Ahead to “Much More”

Janet's Portuguese Water Dogs Looking Ahead We're wrapping up what I referred to in an earlier post, "An Eventful Year." Yes it was. And not just for me, but for the Avian Community and the world. Not all of it... Continue Reading →


Why am I such a freak about diet? Well, let me explain something. You can take your bird to the Vet 90 times a year, but until you make sure their diet is healthy, no Vet is going to be... Continue Reading →

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