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Parrots are cool. They are also one hell of a lot of work.


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The Slob Sob

Why in God's name are my Greys such hellishly awful slobs? Seriously. I can clean up the place, change the papers in their rooms, dust and tidy up on Tuesday and by Thursday my place is a wreck again. What... Continue Reading →

Preparing Yourself For Getting a Bird

Preparing Yourself For Getting a Bird (Inspired by Amy Lawrence) Thinking about getting your first bird? This thirteen-step guide will emotionally and physically prepare you for what it’s like to live with one. If you follow this, you will have... Continue Reading →

Dating Quiz For Single Bird People

Merlin at Best Friends For those of us with birds, finding a date among “Non-Bird People” can prove to be somewhat of a challenge. Take this little light-hearted test and it might help sort out how you think you might... Continue Reading →

A Parrot Person’s Quiz #2

Please bear in mind that we're having fun here. This is not a serious quiz, it is for entertainment purposes only. This quiz IS a toy. But I wouldn't suggest pulling it over your head. Contents aren't particularly hot but... Continue Reading →

Can You Pass the “Parrot Household Interview?”

In this time of duking it out for positions in a tight job market and the increase of applications that need processing,  companies have turned to outside resourcing to assist them in shuffling through all of the applications getting thrown... Continue Reading →

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