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Posts About the “Chop” Concept

Panic Button

It seems as though panic has raised its persistent head again among those committed to feeding their birds a healthy, nutritiously sound diet. While I commend people for their concern, their research and their commitment, there's only so much I... Continue Reading →

Arizona Seed Crackers Chop Workshop: A Crackin’ Good Time!

The photo above was taken by Cherie Zamecki who kindly brought this photo in a frame to the Chop Workshop in Phoenix at the Arizona Seed Crackers Society, a local bird club. I arrived Friday night in Phoenix and had... Continue Reading →

The Law of 50%

I did this for birds? Why? Read on... I spent some time about two weeks ago making some pretty fancy stuff for parrots using a basic "Beans and Greens" Chop mix and experimenting with different applications to feed parrots. The... Continue Reading →

A Container Contains its Contents

A different way of thinking about a pie shell. When making food for your bird, your family or anyone really, even yourself, sometimes it a good idea to, as Apple Inc. once said, "Think Different." When you're cooking parrot cuisine,... Continue Reading →

Who Said Pet Food has to Look Like Slop?

Maggie's Manicotti: Yes, this is Parrot food. I made this this morning. It is food for my birds. It's pretty, it's healthy and it was a pain in the ass to make. But it's good, healthy food for my African... Continue Reading →

The Parrot Garden’s “Chopettes”

The Parrot Garden makes Chop for their birds. They make it about every six weeks for their hundred or so birds currently on the premises. The cockatiels get Chop every day and the bigger birds get it three times a... Continue Reading →

Feeding Chop at Best Friends Animal Society

The Welcome Sign at Best Friends Was Hand Painted by Janet Bray The Best Friends Parrot Garden feeds Chop. The cockatiels get it everyday and the other birds get it three times a week. They have had great success with... Continue Reading →

The Devil’s Diet

Still feeding an all-seed diet? That blows. That sucks. And forgive me, but you need to have your head examined. If I hear, "But he¬†LIIKKKKESSSS¬†it!" or, "He won't eat anything else!" one more time, I'm going to pull out my... Continue Reading →

It’s More Than That

Chop is more than just feeding vegetables to your birds. If that's all it was, what would be the point of all of this? Why bother? I mean, doesn't everyone do that? In a word, "No." I heard a story... Continue Reading →

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