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September 2008

Wandering Around

I manage to see a lot when I get a chance to just wander around, or when I'm walking to or from another Department. I sometimes took a shortcut through Giraffe Ridge early in the morning, and I saw one... Continue Reading →

Teasers and Tidbits; Things to Come

I've been incredibly busy trying to get photos taken and I've had so many people to talk to, I haven't had time to get a post together. So here are some photos to give you an idea of what's been... Continue Reading →

Birds: Well Represented at Cincinnati Zoo

I'm happy to report that you can see birds just about anywhere at this Zoo. Even at some of the non-animal attractions: The Zoo has a nice little carousel for the kids and this is one of the animal figures... Continue Reading →

Random Thoughts…Random Images: Part one

It's a Happy Little Train: The Zoo has a train with a high-pitched whistle. I can hear it all the way over at the Intern House. Every time that whistle blows, it brings to mind the film: "The Bridge on... Continue Reading →

Zoos Have Things To Hide

Behind what looks like a stump is actually a feeding station for birds in the Australasian Exhibit.  Birds aren't tidy eaters and Guests don't need to see their mess. This is what it looks like from the Public's point of... Continue Reading →


I've settled into a schedule after the first week of experiencing what it was like to work as a Keeper. Once I undid the kinks and got the fish smell out of my hair, I began buckling down to photograph... Continue Reading →

This is not a Table

So Beautiful! : No, I am not hand polishing a table top. This is "Lil' Joe", a Manatee I had the privilege of chatting with. Here's better look at more of Lil' Joe. It's extremely difficult to get all... Continue Reading →

Bulletin: Ike Hits the Zoo

3:00 p.m. Sunday 9-14-08 Mood Music: Mood Video: Hurricane Ike just made it to the Zoo this afternoon and the Radios were alive with chatter. People talking all at the same time, basic semi-emergency preparations were going on. There is... Continue Reading →

Just Another Day- If You Work at a Zoo

Smelling like your particular animal is part of the job. So is getting dirty and wet. It is a never-ending cycle of meals and cleaning punctuated by moments of unusual tasks. Lorikeet Landing is an exhibit containing primarily Lorikeets, but... Continue Reading →

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