Parrot Nation

Parrots are cool. They are also one hell of a lot of work.


Wendy Hatchel

We Are Third

Lita I love volunteering at Best Friends Animal Society.  It is an amazing place with incredible people. I worked hard while I was there. I washed windows, cleaned baseboards, scrubbed floors and bathrooms. I left it cleaner and better than... Continue Reading →

The Parrot Garden’s Family of Lilac Crowned Amazons

The Parrot Garden has an unusual and interesting flock in residence. They have a family of Lilac Crowned Amazons: A mother, a father and two of their children. They have been together since those babies hatched. The Parrot Garden is... Continue Reading →

Negotiating the Emotional Trenches

Spock. You were loved... The after-effects of an emotional time tends to wear you out. Best Friends sometimes has that effect on the people who volunteer. While confronting the work that they do, you tend to examine yourself. Here are... Continue Reading →

Best Friends Video: “The Truth About Parrots”

Best Friends Animal Society recently uploaded a video on Youtube featuring my friend Wendy, a caregiver at the BF Parrot Garden. It is a beautiful video and makes some clear-cut statements about their take on the state of  the parrot... Continue Reading →

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