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Parrots are cool. They are also one hell of a lot of work.

Kissing Chickens: “A Risky Behavior”

A new article just came out recently about kissing chickens. Apparently this is a practice that the Centers For Disease Control (CDC) want you to cease and desist doing immediately. The even stated that they, “had told you before” and... Continue Reading →

Update Your Bird’s Home

Everyone likes a new look. Freshening the living room with a new wall color, finding a fresh and lively area rug and moving a few pieces of furniture around for a more efficient flow to the room are all ways... Continue Reading →

A New Look. A Fresh Appearance.

  During my time away from the blog, I learned a lot about uploading, working within a production machine of over 1200 writers, about web writing and a host of other details. I also learned what pleases those running the... Continue Reading →

October Vegetables For Your Flock Coming Into Season

Feeding your companion bird what is fresh and in season is surely a way to please the feathered set. This is when the flavor and freshness of food is at its best. Autumn is the time where thoughts turn to... Continue Reading →

“Why Don’t You…”

Diana Vreeland was a legendary editor at Vogue Magazine for years. People thought she would never pass away and if she did, they'd just prop her up in the corner in the office somewhere and they would get divine inspiration from... Continue Reading →

Parrot Nation Returns

  Parrot Nation has been on hiatus for a while for various reasons. At first it was personal. Read the last few posts, especially Life Interrupted  and you'll get an eyeful of what happened in my life the last couple of... Continue Reading →

Mornings: Prior Planning Is Key

I wrote a piece at about getting going in the morning when you have a flock of birds. It can be tough. But planning things the night before can make this task easier.

Why Do People Call Them “Starter Birds?

I'll never understand it. Never. I wrote a piece about this very subject at and ranted a little bit about this. It makes me uncomfortable that people think smaller birds are somehow "experimental" in nature and that they are... Continue Reading →

My Disappearance

I had to step away from Parrot Nation for a while due to many other obligations with my writing. I was hired by Bird Channel to write a weekly blog called, "Psittacine Cuisine" which took quite a bit of doing... Continue Reading →

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