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June 2013


What does it take? What do you have to do to be a committed parrot owner? Well, sometimes it takes a hell of a lot more than you ever planned. And then you sort of get sucked into the "lifestyle."... Continue Reading →

Today is the First Day of the Rest of Your Blog

It's been a long road... Today marks the beginning of 6 years of fairly consistent blogging at "Parrot Nation." I completed five years of blogging here yesterday, registering at WordPress. They sent me a notice and a short thank you... Continue Reading →

Avian Politics

Oh dear. Here we go. I don't know if it's a full moon or the fact the yesterday was the summer solstice, but it sure as hell felt like the longest day of the year to me. I may not... Continue Reading →

Avian Origami

Let's get a closer look at this: I'll explain the "Paper Snowdrift" photo above, but here is the background story on Byron, the artist who created this: Byron is my newest foster. It's a long story that spans a decade.... Continue Reading →

Heading for the Hills

Click on the image to visit their website! I'm heading for the Black HillsĀ Parrot Welfare & Education Center this weekend! I'm pretty excited about it because I've never been to South Dakota. I've been to tons of places due to... Continue Reading →

Have Patience

This is a Grain Bake. This took five minutes of prep time and about an hour and a half in the oven. It's good for your birds. It's easy to make and a snap to bag up and freeze. The... Continue Reading →

“Why Don’t You Have a Pen?”

I don't know if you know, but when you travel to and from a foreign destination, you have to fill out some forms. The only destination I've ever heard of where you don't is Martinique. They just want to see... Continue Reading →

A Semi-Point of View

Let me clarify a few things about what this blog is and what it isn't. I am a writer. And a researcher. And a volunteer. And a Fundraiser. I'm also a few other things such as a Flight Attendant, a... Continue Reading →

In Stitches

Sorry for my lengthy absence, but I had some medical issues. Nothing really serious, but it took me off the writing track for a while. I'm back now with an announcement that may not leave you in stitches, but it... Continue Reading →

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