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July 2008

All is Well in “Nyla-Ville”

Nyla is rapidly and smoothly finding her place in my home. She went out on the front porch on a play stand this morning with Pepper and there was simply no problem at all. They seem to get along beautifully.... Continue Reading →

Nyla’s Nails…

I think Nyla needs a pedicure! I went to work today and the other crew members got a gander at my right hand and thought I had been chewed up by something. "What happened?", they asked me. "I have a... Continue Reading →

The Arrival of “Nyla”

7.23.08 Nyla is coming. As a matter of fact, she's on her way right now, cage and all. I've spent all morning and half of the afternoon moving furniture, tidying up and shoving junk around so that there will be... Continue Reading →

Pet Life Radio: The Pet-Friendly Podcast

(Photo of Pepper, my relinquished think she’s bald now? You should have seen her when I first got her! ) Have you heard about “Pet Life Radio” (PLR) yet?  It’s a wonderfully fun, educational Podcast aimed at the... Continue Reading →

An Incredible Opportunity in Penguin Poop

Communing with an East African Crowned Crane Photo: Steve Martin-Natural Encounters, Inc. I just received some wonderful news. I have been granted an internship at the Cincinnati Zoo. I leave in September during my vacation from my full time job.... Continue Reading →

Isn’t It Ironic?

(I wrote this piece quite a few years ago when I was still new to having Parker in my life. But I still believe what I stated at the time still holds true.) Parker at about 5 weeks of age.... Continue Reading →

Parrots: The New Trendy Companion?

Parrots: The New Trendy Companion? By Patricia Sund Oh! I want one! I want one! If I’ve heard this once I’ve heard it a hundred times. People get a load of Parker, my African Grey, and they lose all sense... Continue Reading →

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