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Parrots are cool. They are also one hell of a lot of work.


Shari Mirojnick

Bubble Wrap and Safety Helmets

Get Your Safety Helmets On!   Be careful!    Don't do that!    I wouldn't do that if I were you!  Stop it. These are birds. They want to have fun. "Helicopter Parenting" has been taking a major bash in... Continue Reading →

Veteran African Grey Advocate, Shari Mirojnick “Finishes the Sentence”

Not Your Average "Parrot Person" Photo... Shari Mirojnick has kindly allowed me to add her to the group of people I've interviewed in a rather unusual fashion I call, "Finish the Sentence." I give the subject the beginning of ten... Continue Reading →

“The Frank Sinatra Approach” : Doing it Your Way

I’m not one for dictating; telling people what to do and how to do it, I simply allow people a peek into how I do things. Do I think the way I feed is a better way than an all-seed... Continue Reading →

Wackadoo Nation

Okay, it's for a cat, but I'm just saying... Do you ever look up in the middle of the day from cleaning a cage, scraping parrot poop off the floor or having to replace the bandage on your hand from... Continue Reading →

Shari Mirojnick- A Member of the Parrot Nation

This is my friend Shari. Shari is an extraordinary individual in the field of birds. She has a plethora of Greys, (I guess a plethora in this case would be seven.) that she takes exquisite care of and is truly a... Continue Reading →

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