Parrot Nation

Parrots are cool. They are also one hell of a lot of work.



Scandal Sheet

Su Gould strikes again! Su is the immensely talented editor of Snowball the Dancing Cockatoo's cartoon series on Facebook. Su is the overworked Chief of Staff to Snowball. Seems that hiring Buddy Palmetto took some of the load off, but... Continue Reading →

“Photo-toon” for a Sunday

My friend Linnea and Lynne were kind enough to come to the Midwest Bird Expo and help me do a presentation on Chop last April. Out of all of the photos that were taken, this is one of my favorites.... Continue Reading →

Win; Place; Show

Last April at the Midwest Bird Expo in the Chicago area, I was asked to give a presentation on "Chop." I got some friends together to help me. "The Chopettes," as they called themselves, made an enormous batch of Chop... Continue Reading →

A New “Photo-Toon”: Chop and the Flock

It's Tuesday, a slumpy, rainy day here in Florida and time for another "Photo-Toon:

“Photo-toon” For a Cold Sunday Afternoon

Yet another Photo-toon to lighten your day:

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