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Gone Chop Crazy!

Due to the popularity of this post and requests to repost, I'm reposting it! Well, the "Chop" has hit the fan and it's flying all over the place like feathers in a windstorm. I've gotten so many questions about it... Continue Reading →

More on the Recipe for “Chop”

I just made a fresh batch of "Chop". I made about 40 meals, which is just short of 3 weeks worth of twice daily meals for my Greys. Along with the "Chop", I serve sprouts, a nut mix, and a... Continue Reading →

A Diversion From your Normal “Parrot Nation” Post

      This is a long, long post. It's not "parrot related" necessarily, but families with parrots might benefit from it. I've done research on saving money and economizing...a subject of interest these days. This post is based on... Continue Reading →

Parrot Nation Reader Logs in Her “Chop” Recipe

   Shari Mirojnick's 20 plus year old Grey, Fred, with a "food beard". My friend and "Parrot Nation" reader Nancy Mason emailed me and told me how very similiar her recipe was to my "Chop" recipe and added a few twists... Continue Reading →

Parrot Food For Thought

I just made a fresh batch of food for the Greys. I'm sorry the photo isn't better, but if I had dragged out my camera and then dragged out everything to upload it, I never would have shot it, so I... Continue Reading →

What’s The Point?

WHAT’S THE POINT? By Patricia Sund Having a parrot in your life is a puzzling existence. I suppose you could agree with the idea that they provide companionship just as a dog or a cat does, but why in God’s... Continue Reading →

Just One Of Those Days

  (This article first appeared in the Phoenix Landing Foundation Newsletter a couple of years ago and has since been reprinted by other Parrot Rescue Groups.)   Just One of Those Days By Patricia Sund     I just didn’t feel... Continue Reading →

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