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Parrots are cool. They are also one hell of a lot of work.


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Moving an Emu

Mel the Emu got a new enclosure to hang out in. The Bird House Staff in collaboration with Wildlife Canyon and "Wings of Wonder" Bird Show Staff helped with Mel's move. Mel is one big bird!:

Lunch With Carole and Kim

Steve and I had some special guests for lunch. After lunch they had the opportunity to feed lunch to the penguins. It was a fun day:

The Reptile House

My friends Mike, Hermit and Lana invited me to the Reptile House. Here is my day with them:

The Oriental Garden: Peace and Koi

The Oriental Garden is such a beautiful spot in the zoo:

Up Close With Andean Condors

Caution is always a good thing when dealing with big raptors like these two Andean Condors. And despite Steve's experience, I was still nervous when I was inside their enclosure. These are some BIG Birds!

Thousands of Mouths to Feed

If you had to count all of the mouths that have to be fed here at the Cincinnati Zoo on a daily basis, you're looking at a lot of hungry creatures. For the most part, the birds are fed twice... Continue Reading →

Morning Rounds With Steve

In the morning, a Keeper has to drive all over the zoo in a cart to feed the birds located all around the zoo. this is just part of those rounds:

Steve Malowski Feeds Geese and Cranes

Steve the Aviculture Supervisor of the Bird House did the "Morning Outside Rounds" and I tagged along and attempted to help. Here is Steve feeding some Red Crowned Cranes and Bar Headed Geese. Some Mallards stopped by as well. His... Continue Reading →

Bats Alive!

We had to catch up some Fruit Bats for a Vet Exam and weight check. They weren't too thrilled about the idea. Mike,¬†from the Nocturnal House stopped by to help the Keepers. I helped by staying the hell out of... Continue Reading →

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