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Parrots are cool. They are also one hell of a lot of work.


Stuff Bird People Like

Stuff Bird People Like #6: A Great Bird Sitter

Yes, we want it all. We want to clone ourselves and find the best bird sitter there  is. We want the flippin' Mary Poppins of Bird Sitters. We want someone who will dote on our birds, care for them, love... Continue Reading →

Stuff Bird People Like #5: Books About Birds

God knows I have a ton of them: Books on African Greys, on behavior training, diet, stories about parrots, handbooks. You name it, I've probably seen it, own it or I've read it. And the hits just keep on coming.... Continue Reading →

Stuff Bird People Like #4: Taking Photos of Their Birds

Pamela Carter's Bird "Parker" I am sooo guilty of this! When Parker was a baby, I was shooting photos of him every time he so much as sprouted a new feather or even blinked. In my own defense, I knew... Continue Reading →

Stuff Bird People Like #3: Funny Bird Videos

Bird People like seeing other people's birds doing stuff. Dancing, singing, talking, anything that involves birds, especially parrots doing the charming, the funny or the out-and-out amazing. Many of these videos have gone viral on Youtube, causing these birds to... Continue Reading →

Stuff Bird People Like #2: Clothing With Their Favorite Species of Bird on it.

You'll see these at most any bird-related festival, expo, conference, meeting, bird club get-together, or seminar.  It's usually their favorite species, or one they they happen to have parked in their living room, bird room, or the one currently sitting... Continue Reading →

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