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Parrots are cool. They are also one hell of a lot of work.


Sid Price

Avian Trainer Sid Price Answers Some “Leading Questions”

Sid Price has graciously granted my “Leading Questions” interview and did a bang-up job. His answers are remarkably short, concise and I suppose, like Sid, to the point. Sid Price has a company called “Avian Ambassadors.” "Avian Ambassadors is a... Continue Reading →

Putting the “Fun” in Dysfunctional!

I am many things, but “Parrot Expert” I’m not. I’m a Flight Attendant, a Writer, a human companion to two parrots and foster family to another. I write, I fly, I clean up parrot crap and rake up toy pieces... Continue Reading →

2009 Animal Education Foundation Symposium

      Here's the dealio on the AEF Symposium! (And don't let the word "Symposium" twist your noodle! It's just a bunch of really great people who know what they're talking about get together and they all yak about the... Continue Reading →

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