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Parrots are cool. They are also one hell of a lot of work.



Avian Trainer Sid Price Answers Some “Leading Questions”

Sid Price has graciously granted my “Leading Questions” interview and did a bang-up job. His answers are remarkably short, concise and I suppose, like Sid, to the point. Sid Price has a company called “Avian Ambassadors.” "Avian Ambassadors is a... Continue Reading →

“Lift” A Review

Disclaimer: I "know" Rebecca. I've never met her through traditional means, only through the virtual world of the internet. But we've emailed each other about this and that and exchange links to our blogs and often comment on each other's... Continue Reading →

Up Close With Andean Condors

Caution is always a good thing when dealing with big raptors like these two Andean Condors. And despite Steve's experience, I was still nervous when I was inside their enclosure. These are some BIG Birds!

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