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Parrots are cool. They are also one hell of a lot of work.


Chop recipe for birds

Chopalooza! Was it a Success?

After an event like Chopalooza- The 2012 Tour,¬†those who planned it and were involved tend to sit back, chew it over and figure out how it went. What went right? What went wrong? What could have been done better? How... Continue Reading →

Win; Place; Show

Last April at the Midwest Bird Expo in the Chicago area, I was asked to give a presentation on "Chop." I got some friends together to help me. "The Chopettes," as they called themselves, made an enormous batch of Chop... Continue Reading →

New Video: “Chop from the Parrot Nation”

I created a video assembled from photos sent by friends and Parrot Nation Readers from all over the place. It was a small project and I did the editing in about two days, but it was a lot of fun... Continue Reading →

An Unpaid Endorsement

Well, this just made my week! My friend, Su Gould who works with Irena Schulz at Bird Lovers Only Rescue in Dyer, Indiana created this for my blog. Su is incredibly talented and is expanding her repertoire¬†at a rapid clip!... Continue Reading →

Gone Chop Crazy!

Due to the popularity of this post and requests to repost, I'm reposting it! Well, the "Chop" has hit the fan and it's flying all over the place like feathers in a windstorm. I've gotten so many questions about it... Continue Reading →

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