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Parrots are cool. They are also one hell of a lot of work.


Bird toys


I had to run to a big box Superstore to get some pellets. Don't like doing it much but the place isn't far and I was damned near out. I also picked up a few reasonably priced toys. I took... Continue Reading →

“A Toy Story”: The Story Behind “Ring Around the Rainbow”

One day as I idly sat and watched Parker industriously chewing on the shoelace aglet of my sneaker, I thought, "You know, somebody ought to make a toy with a pant load of shoelaces on it!" ¬†And as I thought... Continue Reading →

My Kea Toy Debut at the Cincinnati Zoo

Kim Klosterman Hanging the Kea toy in the indoor enclosure Last week I sent a big toy to my friends the Keas at the Cincinnati Zoo. The staff had a pretty good time watching them beat the living hell out... Continue Reading →

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