photo courtesy of Robert Smith, The Chart Group

I’m not one for dictating; telling people what to do and how to do it, I simply allow people a peek into how I do things. Do I think the way I feed is a better way than an all-seed diet? Of course. Do I have all of the answers? Hell no.

If I can help someone, great. If my little moments of enlightenment here and there inspire people to find the better answer, the better idea, and the better method, I sure hope they share it with me.

One of the reasons I like making and serving Chop to my Greys is that it’s easy and convenient for me. I’ll actually make the stuff and package it because in the long run it takes less time. Same for the way I clean their cages. (Usually one a day.)

I’ve learned so much from so many people by watching them. It was amazing what I picked up at the Oasis Sanctuary. Their foraging tray concept is brilliant!

And so are Best Friends foraging trays:

Susan Chamberlain swears by misting the bottom newspaper substrate of your cage with water to keep the dust down when you’re changing the papers. And while I don’t have an outdoor flight, the Oasis Sanctuary has the coolest flight bridge between aviaries.

When I saw Shari Mirojnik use a tray to pick up all of her play stand and cage bowls for cleaning I wanted to kick myself. It was such an obvious “easy thing to do” and yet it had never occurred to me.

Sometimes it’s the little things that either make things more interesting for your birds, or easier for you.